Executive Calender

The Executive Calendar provides insight on tasks deemed important. The tasks that are being displayed are related to the users assigned. The executive can drill down on a task amd make edits as necessary. If a task requires long term management a xflow can be assigned.

Workflow Tool

The workflow tool streamlines task procedures by displaying an orchestrated pattern of business activity. It provides instant oversight to ensure business procedures are followed. It also process real time status of an item as well as potential bottlenecks of risk, so the person responsible can mitigate.


Checklists ensures conststency and completeness in carrying out a task. A user can create a template for each checklists to elimimate duplicate efforts. A user can quickly review the list and determine which tasks are priority denoted by the star and which tasks have subtasks. Each checklist can be setup for a user to execute or assign to another user.

Job Portal

The Job Portal automates the overall process of identifying the right candidate, scheduling the interviews and tracking the history throughout the process. At any time in the process the administrator can review status from the candidate or client perspecitive.

Project Tools

The Project tool facilitates a more efficient methodology for handling big tasks consistently and with very minimum oversite. Tasks can be defined with a cutom designed templates or on case by case basis. Status is tracked throughout the life cycle of the project on a dashboard.